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As a fitness leader, I want to redefine what it means to be in this industry. It's not just about sculpting bodies; it's a holistic journey. We often get misunderstood as merely 'fitness' leaders, but it's more than that. We're about fostering connections, providing resources, and inspiring positive change in those who seek it.

For me, being a fitness leader is not just a job; it's a mission. I feel a responsibility to guide people to the destinations they want to reach, not because I say so, but because it's what they truly desire. It's a privilege to be part of their journey, and I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to impact lives in such a meaningful way.

A note from Coach Mike:

In this industry, my biggest competition isn't another trainer or fitness studio; it's the fast-food joints, the allure of junk food, the rush of a hectic lifestyle, the convenience of processed foods, and, above all, personal indifference. My aim is to offer something beyond the ordinary – something unique in my classes that leaves each participant feeling not just physically better but genuinely good in their own skin. It's about creating an experience that makes them want to maintain that positive feeling. This is the essence of what I bring to every class and every client – a different, refreshing approach to well-being."

Happy People say...

It’s excellent. Makes your body feel better. Excellent instructor. Mike and. Lyn. Have a lot of fun especially if we make it in the timing all together. I enjoy boot camp. And love Zumba. Love it all

Sheila H.

Zumba is so much fun and the instructors are helpful and upbeat!

-Jennifer M.

Love their Zumba and Zumba Strong classes. The fitness instructors have great energy to help keep you moving and reaching your workout goals and they are always so friendly and welcoming. First time checking out the new space this week and it’s great! Bigger space for bigger classes! Cannot say enough great things. Come check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

--Rachelle L.

I have been going to DynaMike Fitness for over a year and although I have only lost 30 Lbs. i am so much stronger and my family always says how much better I move etc.I love DynaMike Fitness and Zumba! It is such a great atmosphere!

--Bev M.

It's been, hmm, at least a couple of years now that I have faithfully showed up for morning class. Sure, sometimes I drag myself in to boot camp, but always leave feeling pleased with the workout Mike puts me thru. As I age, these morning routines have become more and more important for my flexibility, stamina and overall health. Thanks Mike, for the welcoming non judgemental and sometimes brutal ;) butt kick!

I have been going to DynaMike Fitness for a little over a year now and absolutely love it. Zumba, Strong by Zumba (my favorite), and the HIIT classes are great! Mike, Lyn, and Breanne are all amazing instructors. Everyone is very supportive and help to keep you motivated to continue on your fitness journey.

--Bre W.

Mike has been so patient and encouraging while I learn the basics. With his encouragement and inspiration from Lyn I feel like I am making good progress already and that I actually can reach my goals. The small class sizes and welcoming atmosphere make getting up and going to much less intimidating than bigger gyms - I am honestly surprised at how quickly I felt completely comfortable. I am so exciting to keep going and see the results I know will be awesome!

--Danielle C.

What you offer is unique and you are a great personality and motivated fitness instructor.

--Ursula G.

--Cindy T.

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I was finding it difficult to get and stay motivated in getting fit until I joined Mike’s 21 day boot camp. I had tried many things in the past Isagenix, Weight Watchers, Tops, gym memberships, etc. and experienced some success. Now I like the way Mike challenges me, but also shows me how to safely modify for my abilities. I don’t leave feeling shamed by my lack of ability or fitness level, instead I leave feeling encouraged. I feeling stronger, feeling the good kind of tired/ sore after I work out, feeling motivated to keep going and not just get discouraged and fall back into old patterns.

Your health is worth at least honestly looking at the needs of your body and what you can do to improve or maintain it! And Dynamike Fitness offers you a chance to evaluate your needs and make an informed choice before you commit... So, why not?

I love the way I feel after I have pushed myself a little further than I could before. I like that things are always changing. Doing new and different keeps things fun and interesting. Thank you for helping me to get re-started on a fitness journey that is not boring or intimidating! [Kim P]

I was looking for a cardio program for heart health and strength program. I came across Mike’s 21 day fit 4 life program. I do yoga 2x’s a week and walk daily. I just needed More intensity in regards to exercise.

I like the atmosphere, lots of laughs and fun and it’s a nice social outing as well. Plus I feel good.Toned muscles, more energy and a feeling of well being.

You’ll have fun and you can go at your own pace and you’ll feel really good. The sore muscles don’t last forever. I’d also tell them to try the Zumba as it’s a lot of fun. I’m loving the motivation I feel about coming to classes. I hate having to miss them when I’m out of town. [Doreen W.]

I took the 5 week trial program. I found that I was eating irregularly and going long periods of time without food. When in town often finding cheap yet healthy food options was a challenge. I have been a student now for over a year and am the most sedentary I have ever been. The less active I have become , the less healthy and fit I have found myself. I realise that I am not as strong as I used to be and have gained weight. I used to go running, but i hurt my knees probably doing too much at one time.

I’m feeling stronger and more fit and I like that this workout is quick yet effective, like I feel like I have worked out! The program gave me the motivation to look at my eating habits. The other people are friendly and welcoming which is important as it is quite daunting at the start. Good positive atmosphere. I’ve been able to change my eating habits as I have been given information that guides me to make better choices. This trial kick started me onto a healthier path to get fit. I feel a little more hopeful that maybe I can lose this darn weight. It is possible ...yay! I recommend this 5 week trial as it is affordable and you can really get a sense about how much the program supports you in your goals. As the program doesn't just ignore you after your workout but focuses also on your dietary needs as well. (love the recipes) I like to be active and I like feeling fit , I enjoy working hard and the studio is a fun and welcoming place.

Thank you Mike for the encouragement and support that I really needed to believe that my goals were reachable. - Pip H.

I was experiencing weight increase and was tired, achy, trying to keep up with grandkids, getting depressed. On my own I would be walking but I did the 21 day initial trial program at the 10am session 3 times/wk. I really like the strong support from Mike and other members. I now have more energy, I’m feeling fitter and eating better. I find with the rain setting in it is important to have something to motivate you to get out of the house, I find that Mike makes it a fun experience and is very encouraging, no criticism. I would recommend a trial period, to start off slow and work your way up. I’m getting the support I need and I’m feeling better already. [Donna L.]

I had gained weight, lost cardio, strength and flexibility and had become more sedentary so I decided to try out Mike’s program. Usually I try to do weights at home and walk but I found it very motivating to come together with others who are also wanting to take back physical health. It is a good program tailored to where I am now and I appreciate the encouragement from Mike and the class to push on. Also the accountability to keep going. I have increased in strength, cardio and flexibility.

Join up and give it all you've got, we only get one body we need to take care of it. You’ll love the support from the whole group! [Laurel H.]

I’m over 70yrs of age and I nervously signed up for Mike’s Boot Camp. My biggest issue is keeping my balance, even while walking. Since attending the sessions I have noticed balance improvement, strength increase, and more energy. There’s no better investment than one to improve your overall well being. Huge rewards! I’m enjoying meeting various challenges and mindfully shutting out negativity...adopting a “can do” attitude. I believe Motivation is important and through these sessions I’ve really appreciated the feedback. [Jeanne N]

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I hadn’t experienced any health issues in the past but I was working an active job. I’ve just retired and decided to try a class. I didn’t do anything before but I really enjoy these exercises and music. Now I feel increased energy. Mike's instruction and different options are helpful and he makes it fun. There’s great camaraderie with other participants, I lost some weight and feeling more fit. I would encourage anyone to try it out, it is fun and you’ll feel good after. What I liked best I think it's all the different options for different levels of fitness/ability. I enjoy the music and get a kick out of people singing along including Mike. I would recommend the 10:00am ‘over 50’s’ class because it covers all levels. I really enjoyed the classes. I am very happy with the class I'm in and the different options let you challenge yourself. [Brenda P.]

I just finished the 21-day trial with Mike. I normally just workout at the gym but these classes, I really love the energy! I’m doing exercises I wouldn't have been doing on my own. I have increased strength, energy, and I’m getting up earlier! There’s great support and classes help keep the results in mind. I know my fitness goals are really up to me and I’m learning to eat better and follow food guidelines Mike gives. I've been having a great time! Tay M.

I had experienced some weight gain and was not as active as I would like to have been so I enrolled in the DynaMike Fitness 21 day new year new you opportunity. I’d never done anything like this before so this got me going and motivated me. I really appreciated learning how to do the exercises properly, experiencing improved muscle tone as well as improved stamina. It is definitely a fun way to get your exercise, everyone is very friendly, positive environment where you are made to feel that you can succeed. Finishing, it feels good to know I can make it through the class. [Phoebe S.]

I joined the trial for the Weight Management and Fitness program, and also did the Zumba classes. I was suffering from anxiety and other moods, as a busy mom I’m always tired and have difficulty sleeping and the lacking energy to get through day.

I’ve tried to do my own exercise and walks but I lack motivation to keep going. Now, I’m up early most days and able to last day with my children, at least until bedtime! It takes less time for me to go to sleep now. Knowing I have a full day the next day feels so good to be well rested. For me this is a good investment and I have a good time with other adults. It is time for me and in the end I feel good. I really enjoy coming to class each morning and being with such positive people. [Diana A.]

I was experiencing low energy so I took part in a DynaMike Fitness Trial membership. I generally walk and swim in summer but winter really slows that down for me. The sessions gave me the motivation to push harder than when I am alone. I really enjoyed getting away from the distraction at home, learning new exercise techniques, and the assessment of where I am at.I think the program is effective no matter what condition you start at. It gets your whole body! Nothing gets left out. I like that it is simple, easy to follow and go at your own level. I liked everything I experienced. [Ariel S.]

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Mike, I wish to express my gratitude to you. I attended my first Zumba class 3 weeks after my dad passed away suddenly. I immediately fell in love with Zumba and I attribute that partly to your enthusiasm and positive energy. Your welcoming attitude and ability to meet clients where they are on their fitness journey is admirable. I appreciate being able to step into each class and hone my focus to experience what I need at that time. As I navigate through my bereavement process, my focus has evolved from a need to dance out my emotions to a desire to challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to remove my own barriers to realize my wellness and fitness potential. Your classes have brought emotional and physical healing to me and I look forward to continual transformation as I continue my wellness and fitness journey. Thank you so very much! [Breanne R.]

I have been part of Mike's Fit-Fam for over a year and want to share an experience to show how important staying fit is. I was walking on a beach with a friend when our feet began sinking up to our knees in very wet sand. This situation became serious as my friend found she could not move and fell over. I was able to assist in getting her to a safe area. I would not have been able to do this if I was not in relatively good shape. I want to thank Mike and his great team that have helped me move forward. - [Brenda S.]

I was encouraged when I realized that the workouts are improving my strength and mobility over time. Four months ago I could not have done a task like the one I did recently. Squatting and turning in a confined space behind the dryer to remove, vacuum out and re-attach the dryer vent would have been impossible. Through this journey, I have improved my health and changed my lifestyle. From a night owl to an early bird ☉. My daily workout is done by 7. That first coffee has never tasted so good. Thanks to you Mike C and Lyn O! The early morning boot camps are the meat and the Monday night and Saturday Zumba are the gravy - [Ann Paul]

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I’m a little anal(ytical) about keeping track now, only because I started a while back doing it, and my day feels kind of “unfinished” if I don’t do it. The mind plays tricks on us every time we turn around. I see that you have to adopt a bit of a “stubborn...I’m going to do this” kind of attitude at first, and then it just becomes second nature. I do believe I have a formed a few strong new grooves and boutons in my brain and I hope to never be as I was before! Honestly, I never dreamed when I got all stubborn about doing (exercise) that I would be on this journey I am on, get to where I am today, and still be getting stronger and healthier. [Lyn Oram.]

It’s funny…..how my life has changed, over the past year and a half. I used to be such a night owl….couldn’t sleep before midnight….I had been that way for as long as I can remember. Now I’m in bed by 9:30 pm and up at 5:30 am.…and loving it! NEVER thought I’d utter those words! Why the change? Well, when I stepped on my bathroom scale and saw those numbers staring back at me, I was in disbelief. I spent the whole day in a funk. “How did I let myself get this way?” “Am I EVER going to be the weight I want to be?” So many questions. I was really, really down. That was it…..my turning point. I thought, “I can either do something about it, or not….now is the time to make that decision.” So, I joined a Tone & Sculpt class that Mike Clansey was running, at the Rec Complex. At first I was worried…..”What if everyone there is skinny and in really good shape? I’m going to look like a fool.” Then I stopped the negative self-talk and decided that I would go for ME….not for anyone else. I don’t care what I look like, I am there….and that’s more than a lot of people would do.

Thus, my journey began. It has been 16 months, since that day. Since then, I have lost 46 pounds and 19 inches! My upper body strength and cardio are the best they have ever been. I feel better than I ever have….not just about my body image, but overall. I have been working out with Mike (Insanity classes, Weight Resistance classes and the new Body ROK). Was it easy? Hell no! Still isn’t…..but it IS fun. Mike is very upbeat and keeps very well informed and the ladies that I work out with are awesome….feels like a family, truly! We are there to support one another….not compete against each other….and I find comfort in that. Is it hard, getting up that early, to do a workout? No, not anymore….in fact, I’ve really grown to like it. I have my workout finished first thing in the morning, with plenty of time to go home, shower, have breakfast and then head off to work….then there’s no guilt in my day about “I didn’t have time”….or, “I’m too tired”….’cause it’s already done…..Win-Win! I have the personal satisfaction of knowing that I made it through another class….and that really helps boost one’s self-esteem.

This whole conditioning catapulted me to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never thought I’d be able to accomplish…..the Tough Mudder event, in Whistler. I spent 6 months doing a personal training regime with Mike…..which helped me achieve one the biggest fitness goals I have ever set for myself......many thanks to Mike for your dedication in my training.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t give up on yourself…..take one bite of the elephant at a time (one class at a time)…..you WILL see favorable results…..and you ARE worth it! [Rose Logan]

I would recommend Mike for one main reason, he helped me with attitude adjustment. I really dislike the gym and exercising by prescription. I have always been an extremely active and truly liked task orientated exercise. THEN, suddenly my knees were shot, osteoarthritis, and it was in my best interest to seek help. Perhaps proper and specific exercise could correct my problems and save me from surgery. I spent a couple of years with Mike's guidance and help. He made it fun, mixed it up a lot, and through his programs and routines I became stronger and more balanced. I am still not a gym person, but when I require help again with a bad gait and a "poor attitude", I will again seek him out again. - Shann Carmichael, Retired gym person Hiker, walker, gardener, potter, fisher, etc. etc. etc....[Shann C]

I saw Mike work with other person's with disabilities & admired his cooperative approach-geared & based on the clients individual needs. I also required assistance balancing to do some standing exercises which Mike was very accommodating with, as he was with all my needs. He is very respectful, & informed, & looks for ways to constantly adjust & improve his routines, based on his clients needs. Well done Mike cheers Jody Copley

I approached [Mike] because I was frustrated that my "balance" wasn't balanced. I did several exercises that are targeted to “heal balance”. Mike worked with me through them so that I would learn to do the exercises properly. Working with him helped me get started on the some exercises that gave me a base on which my “balance” is healing. One thing that I liked is his active enthusiasm for and commitment to encouraging me and working with me to achieve my goal. I found his experience, his knowledge, skills and enthusiasm gave me hope. I also wanted an exercise routine targeted at "living with” osteoporosis. On his own initiative, he sent me an e-mail about one of the largest studies on exercise and bone density. Mike has been an asset in many ways that benefit me and I am grateful. I would recommend [Mike] to people who need his experience, his knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Mike is committed to helping people be physically fit and healed. - Heather Dyble

Well, what could I say about Mike...he's awesome! Great instructor, a lot of fun! I go to his Zumba and stretching classes and find him very easy to follow, explains things well. If you have any concerns, problems, health issues, he is very professional and helps you in anyway he can! I would gladly...and do... recommend Mike to anyone who wants to become fitter/healthier and have fun doing it! [Tracey]

I think Mike is an amazing instructor. I met Mike shortly after he started giving morning classes at the Rec complex, two years ago or so. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge in helping me and others, to achieve my goals in become more fit. His morning class three times a week at the complex, "Sculpt & Tone", has done the trick. I also enjoy my passion of dancing with his Zumba classes. He is easy to follow, he lets you know what's coming ahead of time. He is also laid back. He doesn't care if you follow step by step, as long as you are having fun and getting fit. I gladly recommend Mike to all my friends, when ever I have the opportunity! [Olga]

I really enjoyed the stretching sessions Mike held and would probably love the Zumba like so many other friends of mine. they rave about Mike. such a great guy, such a fantastic dancer, amazing motivator, very kind to his clients. [Caroline Jobe]

Mike is always upbeat, light hearted and encouraging. He has high energy and strong focus. The class is sufficiently structured. The music is GREAT - helps me to stay motivated. I like that Mike provides easier/difficult options in each class and also increases the difficulty over time. He is an inspiring teacher - I wouldn't work this hard on my own.[Anon: Class evaluation]

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I’ve never been much of a group class person...until I tried mikes classes! Being into body building for years I honestly didn’t think I would gain much. Boy was I wrong! He pushes you to your max in a totally fun upbeat way. If you haven’t tried his classes now is the time! [Meaghan D.]

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