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If you are a member of the Weight Management Program (Boot Camp 2.0), you are entitled to a 20% savings on either 10 pass or Drop In.

Because the program is provided as a holistic approach to your overall wellness, including meal planning and so forth, your program is meant to be a part of your active lifestyle, not something you start and stop whenever the feeling hits you. This program may not be for you if that is your approach. If you're ready to make the commitment and investment into your long term health and wellness, whether you're away for a week or an entire month, you will still have access to your meal plan and you will have access to a valuable workout you can take with you. I will upload workouts for you to do while you're away. They can be tailored for hotel, gym or park workouts. This way you won't deviate too far from your overall goals. On a case by case basis I can often permit a 2 week extension to your term.

All prices are subject to GST. Some of them are calculated for you on the Investment Option sheet.

Nope. You can opt for monthly installments toward the balance on your account and still get your special member's rate for drop in classes. However, should you break contract, you'll no longer be eligible. Any outstanding classes will be at the regular 10 pass rate...your account will be adjusted.

You're welcome to select whatever option you are comfortable committing too. *In the unlikely event something happens to me and I can't run classes anymore, you will be reimbursed. If something happens to you, you will need a Doctor's note stating clearly the reason you can't complete your workouts and need to get out of the agreement. Please be very sure you're willing to commit to 6/8 or 12 months before choosing to pay all upfront. No refunds will be provided for 'changing your mind'. BONUS: enjoy unlimited Drop In Classes for only $30/mo with any Boot Camp 2.0 option (Monthly Contributions will be electronically transferred. [EFT] only. .

Once STRONG class is in session you sure can! STRONG classes are registered classes initially and will require a minimum amount of people to commit up front first. You will be able to use your passes for any other drop in classes being offered at that time.

No, drop in classes will be only available to you with a Drop in or 10 pass. It is recommended for best results that Weight Management / Boot Camp members attend a minimum of 3-4 Boot Camp sessions/wk but can attend as many sessions as they want -within safe limits obviously and provided the class isn't maxed out. As a Boot Camp 2.0 participant, you are eligible for a reduced rate for Drop In and 10 class passes.

Once your current term is complete, you can select another option or continue with what you already have. You will receive a reminder notice of your term renewal. To renew, do nothing. To make changes or stop - contact me within 14 days to avoid auto renewal.

Please view the on-line schedule and as class size/demand increases I'll be adding more time slots. I'm keeping class size to a minimum of 4 and a max of 8 with the exception of the 6:15am where we may have more. Clients are requested to sign into the classes ahead of time so we know what attendance will be like and to reserve your spot. This is important for planning. You're not charged extra for no shows, but if you sign up, it will be expected that you will be there as it helps with planning your session. You can cancel out your sign in up to 12hrs before class. Members will be shown how to do this.

It is up to you. The Small Group Training program is packed with benefits and value to encourage you and is entirely focused on doing everything but show up and do the workouts for you. As the value of the program may be a big chunk to come up with all at once, I have developed the monthly installment option to make it a more viable option to commit to 6, 8 or 12 months. Monthly installments will be carried out via auto withdrawal from either your chequing account or Visa or MasterCard. (I will not be accepting on-going cheques or cash unless you're paying up front). This can be set up either with a form and void chq or directly through your account. When the time comes, I will assist you with this. *Please note, Month to Month is a different option. If you choose 6, 8 or 12 months with monthly contributions - you are in effect 'paying off' the program that you invested in. I just allow you to carry the balance on your account. You can not get a refund or just stop mid term. Again, if you aren't considering long term commitment at this time, month to month would be a better option for you.

EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. I will help you set this up either from your chequing account or Credit Card. This is to help cut down on admin time spent where I could be working on planning your next great program. It works like a car payment where your monthly contribution automatically goes through. No need to keep track of dates etc. I have been told by clients it is a great way to help them budget too. It also helps to actually encourage clients to make a bigger commitment to their level of activity even if only by how frequent they attend classes and get good instruction and help, or even if they implement a meal plan and adhere to it.

Once you've selected an option, you will keep that rate. Read on...Each offer will remain until 20 clients have signed up for it. After-which rates will go up. Then 20 clients will get the next chartered rate, slightly higher than the previous one, and so on. Not by much, but it will go up until it reaches standard Small Group Training rates. There will be 4 phases in all. The initial phase is a ridiculously low chartered rate for my current clients to take advantage of as they will be helping us go through a variety of 'growing pains' such as trying different software and programs etc. It was not presented to anyone that did not currently have a membership. You get to keep your 'chartered' rate for as long as you renew your program. It may increase or decrease by $5 or $10 depending if you change your term length (6,8 or 12 months). The longer the term agreement, the better the offer. If you don't make adjustments to your membership upon receiving your reminder to renew at the end of your term, you will automatically renew into your same agreement. Note: You will need to renew your program within 7 days of the agreement expiry in order to keep your chartered rate, or you'll be selecting from whatever fees are applicable at that time.

Keep your eyes on the live calendar. Or simply log into your app if you are a member. As class sizes increase I'll open up more opportunities. NOTE: Clients are requested to sign into the classes ahead of time so we know what attendance will be like. This is important for planning. You're not charged extra for no shows, but if you sign up, it will be expected that you will be there as it helps with planning your session. You can cancel out your sign in up to 12hrs before class.

No, you will need to invest in the 'add-on'. If you are paying monthly installments, that means you are in the Boot Camp program. You will need to select either a drop in or 10 pass for any other class. Boot Camp members get 20% off.

No but you will miss out on a lot of ongoing updates, last minute schedule adjustments, special offers and regular coaching and, training and advice. We share words of testimony, delicious recipes and encouragement as well as free resources and ‘just for you’ information on our private DynaMike Fitness Lounge page (Closed Private Group). It is to your advantage to be active on our Fan page and closed page for this reason. Your leaders aren’t responsible for any details you may miss.

Yes. Our Boot Camp 2.0 weight managent program is not a random drop in styled class. Each client is provided with personal fit test results and a personalized meal plan (Not a 'diet'). A significant amount of time is allotted to each participant to help everyone progress regardless of the level of fitness they begin with. Orientations resolve any apprehensions you may have as you can imagine responding to 20+ people individually every day is just not realistic for your leader(s). It is not appropriate nor viable to discuss investment options with anyone before commencing because there are far too many variables. And if you’re searching for fitness training based solely on price you could be missing out on maximum results. With my one on one sessions averaging $65/session, my Weight Management [Boot Camp 2.0] program is a kick of a deal averaging anywhere from $8.95 /session to $43/session depending on your commitment level. In order for you to make an educated decision on the program, you need to attend an orientation session. To maximize training quality we en-devour to keep small group session sizes and only accept prospective clients that are a good fit for the program. We will also help you decide a commitment level will solicit optimum results for you. If you haven't applied yet and would like to...Click Here to share your fitness goals with us today!

It is unlikely that you will sweat during this time with us. Comfortable exercise wear (not too lose fitting), indoor exercise footwear with proper support and laces are required. Before/After pics are taken-and unless you grant us permission, kept private. Also, if you have arranged to make payment at that time, bring that too :)

Well, you do the work and adhere to the program, you'll get results. That being said, I'm so confident that you will love our workouts and see a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel that I back my program up with a full 30-day 'Be Intentional' money back guarantee. Participate in my Boot Camp program for 30-days risk free. If after following all guidelines (Programs and Nutrition Coaching) as designed (being intentional), you don’t feel more firm, strong, tighter and toned or more confidant than when you started, just let me know and I will refund your first months payment, no hard feelings. That's my 'Be Intentional' guarantee! (Trial programs not included because they're a 'trial' program).

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