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Did I just hear you say something about being too busy to take time out and reduce stress...get back that upper body strength and maybe just feel awesome in your own body again? Well...

you've finally found the right place. That will happen if you 'camp' with us...

Short, powerful yet fun and results oriented workouts for your busy lifestyle.

40 & 60 min Small Group Circuit Style, Tabata, HIIT and Weight Resistance Training sessions

45-60 min dance and strengthening and lengthening

- DynaMike HIIT & Circuit provides the routine that will get you results – in the time that you have, the way you want to.


I’m a little anal(ytical) about keeping track now, only because I started a while back doing it, and my day feels kind of “unfinished” if I don’t do it. The mind plays tricks on us every time we turn around. I see that you have to adopt a bit of a “stubborn...I’m going to do this” kind of attitude at first, and then it just becomes second nature. I do believe I have a formed a few strong new grooves and boutons in my brain and I hope to never be as I was before! Honestly, I never dreamed when I got all stubborn about doing (exercise) that I would be on this journey I am on, get to where I am today, and still be getting stronger and healthier. [Lyn Oram]


[Tricia Andrews] When the pandemic started, I was swimming three times a week and planning to add some gym days. The closure of the rec complex in March 2020 put a stop to those plans. By the end of June, I found that I was mostly staying home. I was losing [good] weight and I could see the muscle disappearing from my arms and legs. I tried walking but that did nothing for me. I had pretty much retired and was searching for my purpose. I was depressed. I had never been a “fitness class” person but Dynamike Fitness had reopened and in the middle of July, I was ready to give it a try. I was glad there were only a few people in the class due to the pandemic restrictions because it was embarrassing how much I couldn’t do. I had trouble lifting 2-pound weights over my head and anything involving my abdominal muscles was nearly impossible to the point of being humorous. I started out attending classes three times a week. By the end of August, I was going five times a week. I could see the changes in my body and my spirit. I was wearing leggings and fitted tops instead of baggy t-shirts and sweatpants. When the studio was closed again in December, I worked out five and then six days a week at home using Mike’s recorded workouts. After the studio reopened again in January, I added Zumba on Saturdays to take me up to seven days a week. I could do full push ups, use up to 10-pound weights over my head and 12–15-pound weights for lunges and squats. I was getting stronger and decided it was time to start swimming again. Starting at the beginning of March it took only a few weeks to get back to doing the same distance I had been doing the year before and in less time. I’m still going to fitness classes three days a week and now I’m swimming three days a week, too. Saturday is my day off. I think back to how I was physically and mentally last July and know what a difference Dynamike Fitness has made for me. I know now that my purpose is to be happy, healthy and fit. Working out brings me joy so I guess I am a “fitness class” person after all. Thanks Mike.

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The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat) of the way. Your 'Fit-Fam' will help you feel at home.

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