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Be advised that if you are currently taking medication (including any form of mind or physiological altering narcotic medicinal or not) or have any physical ailment or you are otherwise not in physical condition suitable for activity; class could be injurious to you. You should seek medical advice regarding these matters before participating in these programs. Be advised that if the Trainer/Leader feels you are not in condition to participate then he/she has the right to refuse or postpone service.

This document is a release of claims and by choosing to participate you:

Liability Waiver Text

  1. Acknowledge that when engaging in strenuous activity, such as exercise/dance routines including but not limited to: Zumba®, INSANITY® Live, Boot Camp, Sculpt& Tone, Stretch (etc.) you may suffer injury. [Showing up ready to go before warm-up begins is mandatory for enjoyment and safety and the door may be locked once class is in session.]
  2. Represent to ‘DynaMike HIIT & Circuit Fitness’ and any affiliate instructors that you are “apparently healthy” and are not mentally or physically disabled, taking medication or suffering from a condition that would prevent you from engaging in such activities or make it potentially dangerous or harmful for you or any other participant to engage in such activities. (Class leader reserves the right to refuse service if he/she feels you're not in appropriate condition to participate. This includes but not limited to being under the influence or even smell of any form of physiological/mental state adjusting narcotic or medication.)
  3. Assume the risk of and release and hold ‘DynaMike HIIT & Circuit Fitness!’® any affiliate instructors or the hosting venue harmless from any liability for any physical or other injury or harm suffered by you during or performing such routines or engaging in such other physical activity, and agree that ‘DynaMike HIIT & Circuit Fitness’®, affiliates and hosting venue shall not have any liability or responsibility for any such injury or harm.
  4. Communications 1 - I understand that I don't have to be involved in the Facebook page notice board but I may miss out on valuable information that could hinder my fitness journey.
  5. Communications 2 - I am aware that I will receive email messages: either receipts for payments or messages to help me understand my fitness journey. I can opt out of these messages by using the link provided at the bottom of the email. This will result in my missing important announcements such as class time/venue adjustments and/or special events/updates/offers etc.
  6. Communications 3 - I am aware that I will need to sign in to my session either ahead of time or as I arrive at the studio early to do so. (We will show you how). ALL evening classes: Pass holders are required to sign up (24 hrs in advance for the week's classes they plan to attend. This helps us plan for your class. If you reserve but don't show, a pass will be deducted as if used. If for any reason you wish to change your mind, you must cancel your reservation via the studio admin app -or by logging in to your profile via the admin web page- no later than 8 hrs prior to class start.)

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